Number 7

Designer Stefanie Vogl

Location Berlin

Written Manifesto:

“Berlin does not have a great deal of outstanding architecture to offer. There are only a few buildings that stand out and are of a special character. One of them is the Chamber Music Hall next to Philharmonie Berlin. Both buildings are part of the “Kulturforum” at Potsdamer Platz. Chamber Music Hall’s architecture is based on an idea outlined by the late Hans Scharoun in 1971. After Sharoun’s death in 1972, his former colleague Edgar Wisniewski took over and implemented his ideas. From 1984 to 1987, the Chamber Music Hall was built and finished in time for Berlin’s 750th anniversary.

It is a building full of contrasts as it is vibrant, full of life, curvy, edgy and overlapping―all at the same time. Its shapes are inspiring, visually appealing, and colored in a joyful and outstanding gold that contrasts the blue sky nicely.

The shapes of the building, its corners and curves, inspired me to draw my interpretation of the number 7. By using the buildings main features, I created a 7 that represents the building through curvy, edgy and overlapping elements. It is delicate and fragile yet powerful and bold.”