Number 1

Designer Robert Radziejewski

Location Berlin

Written Manifesto:

“We are one. One symbolizes unity. One also stands for a start. When zero becomes one, suddenly out of endless nothingness something with equally endless potential has arisen.

It lies in the nature of graphic design to also concentrate on formal aspects of the matter that you are dealing with. The number one is, when pictured with a terminal on the ascender, out of balance. Depending on how big that ascender is, it leans more or less over to the left. When sketching out the concept for the numbers appearence, this balancing act became the central theme of the design.

Living in Berlin and the population of the city is characterized by balance. Berlin brings together rich and poor, young and old and all kinds of cultural and political backgrounds. In that sense one could say that Berlin is kind of a balanced city. To underline that dynamic, the main stem of the number is slanted to the right. The goal of creating balance is approached by sense of proportion and mathematics at the same time. These natural and unnatural aspects create tension within the shape language.

Another crucial part of the design are the excessive soft inktraps which were alienated from their original purpose towards a stylistic feature. They indicate that the clear borders of the negative spaces are being diluted in resemblance to the cultural overlapping identities of Berlin’s Inhabitants. Because no matter how much we want to individualize ourselves to differentiate us from others, in the end we are all one.”