Number 2

Designer Nacho Zacares

Location Spain

Written Manifesto:

“My number 2 is a representation of the current social and political situation of Spain. My country is boiling. In 2008 Spain entered in a deep economic crisis that lasted till 2014. However, the Spanish economy has taken considerably more years to recover the pre-crisis levels of some of the most important variables such as unemployment. This hard stituation not only affect our economy but also affected stability of Spain. The crisis was a catalyst of the nationalism issues that Spain is suffering at the moment and it is still uncertain how this whole situation will be resolved.

The upper part of number 2 represents northern Spain and it is joined to the lower part of number 2―southern Spain. by an extremely thin line that could be broken at any time. The negative spaces inside the number are the representation of the social and political forces inside our country. While some forces are trying to unify our Spain others are trying to fracture and split it even more.

What people should understand is that there will be no solution without real dialogue and that this situation does not benefit anyone. If we break this thin line, it will be very difficult to repair it.”