Number 3

Designer Mickaël Emile

Location Paris

Written Manifesto:

“My number design is a reference to the work of Pierre-Simon Fournier - also named Fournier Le Jeune, who was an important French engraver and type founder in the 18th century.

As a personal interpretation, I have maintained and exaggerated the serifs. The strong contrast between downstrokes and upstrokes was already present in his original works. I created large ink traps inspired by his counter-forms that he did as an embellishment. While designing, I was thinking about it in its final 3D form. The counter-forms and the many differences of widths might be interesting for the precision of the laser-cut technique.

The figure has curved shapes, inspired by some of Fournier Le Jeune’s Rococo style capitals. It was interesting for me to experiment and play with these kind a rounded shapes, that I am not used to work with. The type founder also had a current use of Roman numerals in his layouts. It seemed interesting and more unusual to see the number written in Roman numerals than Arabic ones. The three circles in the heart of the figure are arranged in steps, which is similar to numbers in dominoes and a second way of reading the number 3.”