Number 9

Designer Matteo Bettini

Location Milan

Written Manifesto:

“Numbers have the role into our language to define, measure and order. They help comparing and tracing differences through time and space. I’ve been asked to work on number nine, and honestly I’ve had a great time with this sign so far. I was born at nine AM in 1996, which made me used to write “9” and its twin “6” in document and papers since very young. Nine is the highest single-digit number in the decimal system, or the last one. It can stand for the lowest position but can also be seen as the maximum value reachable―the beginning and the end together. At nine in the morning you start working, at nine noon you just end up your day. The last minute of a football game is the 90th but can be the beginning of an extra time and who knows maybe an unexpected victory.

The meaning I encoded in the shape is the disassembly of the structure in order to make the number being both beginning and end, the disruption of the hierarchy in order to question the system as a whole. The “nine” sign is recreated through simple elements, like a diagram of dynamic movement―the heavy circle breaks the equilibrium with the stem. dividing itself into zero and one.”