Number 1

Designer Loris Pernoux

Location France

Written Manifesto:

“One is standing, but One is looking down. One is clear, but One is sullen. One makes good decisions, but One is slicing up. One is respected while One is betrayed. One doesn’t care, One is autonomous, but alone. Why does One act like zero? When does One will stop being two? Is One gendered? Yet, One knows he is everyone, but One fears.One can’t be Two. But if Two is actually one, Two can be first only if One becomes Two.If One can’t be two, would One be bipolar then?One cuts these crap, One is already The one, admired and beloved. Will One makes you happy, can One be all at once?One is like no one. No, One is actually a chance.But is another one an endless decoy for One? A digit One with both sides visible. A clear and straight skeleton, designed as a counter-form, which stands up to express its generous and abstract curves. A union of forms making our relationship to the visible and the invisible, to the necessary and the superfluous equally balanced.”