Number 7

Designer Leonhard Laupichler

Location Berlin

Written Manifesto:

“Shokoofeh comes from the afghan language Dari and translates to blossom. It embodies strength and energy in times of deconstruction and war. The War in Afghanistan, code named Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, followed the United States invasion of Afghanistan of 7 October 2001, when the United States of America and its allies successfully drove the Taliban from power in order to deny al-Qaeda a safe base of operations in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is the longest war in US history.

Afghanistan, the largest war zone in the world, is characterized by destruction. I try to juxtapose this deconstruction that is happening in Afghanistan with the creation that can be found in the vegetation of Afghanistan. Afghanistan has diverse and beautiful landscapes such as unique flora which served as my inspiration. This examination of war and vegetation in Afghanistan results in an experimentt on expressive typography. I created forms based on trees, bushes and flowers that are native in Afghanistan, alienated, destroyed and digitized them.”