Number 8

Designer Ivan Tsankø

Location Kviv

Written Manifesto:

“I want to talk about the cultural confusion of my Country, that we are on the cultural path between Europe and Asia. And this geopolitical aspect is expressed in our type of design, graphic, writing and all Visual culture that I see in Ukraine.

I took as a basis 2 versions of writing that were common in Ukraine:

1. A quick national Ukraine style of handwriting “skoropis” to write critical texts. Contrast, active, national view.

2. Christian church texts were written with an oblique pen, and therefore they have a number of distinctive features, such as a more static angle and a small inter-letter disorder.

Thus, forming and combining various writing styles and historical context, it turned out to bring out a very peculiar and unique glyph. The general mood was reminiscent of the multi-culture of my country and the modern world.”