Number 2

Designer Gemma Mahoney

Location Melbourne

Written Manifesto:

“When forms of culture exist through the gathering of people, time and activity― what happens when time almost stands still? Where does culture live when we are stripped of our usual way of life and forms of expression through food, art, our economyand general lifestyle activities that would ordinarily require gatherings of people. Our harmonious co-existence now lives through our homes, online, grocery stores and in nature, which is the only place of leisure we can sparingly inhabit together.

Nature in Melbourne so closely lives alongside us. Rivers are among built up areas of homes just outside of the city and the distant skyline can be seen from our parks. Perhaps nature and its presence, importance and connection to our existence can sometimes be undetected.

In Melbourne, the culture that flourishes within our gardens, parks, streets and rivers is pronounced.

Through harmonious contrast the forging of nature and human culture is charactised by the fluid flourishes unitedly contrasted by the straight bleak lines and angular elements. Nature exists without us, but when inhabited it asserts culture.”