Number 0

Designer Franziska Weitgruber  

Location South Tyrol   

Written Manifesto:

“South Tyrol is the northernmost province of Italy. Being part of the Austro-Hungarian County of Tyrol before 1919 the region was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy after World War I. Although the area has always been culturally and linguistically divers, harsh times were ahead for the province for this very reason.

With the rise of fascism in Italy the Italianization of South Tyrol became a political goal. The german and ladin language were forbidden, it was the beginning of a violent attempt of assimilation with the scope of eliminating ethnical aspects of the region. This historical timeline created a form of identity crisis not only for the oppressed population in South Tyrol but for everybody living there.

A digit zero that stands for the presence and future of cultural pluralism, Non-antiqua, non-broken-script. Non-german, non-italian. Non-fascist, non-oppressive, non-excluding, non-incendiary. A symbol of esteeming coexistence― fusion of shapes, people, languages. Looking at each other at eye level. Diversity as strength, multilingualism as wealth, cultural juxtaposition and melting as something to be proud of.”