Number 4

Designer Fatih Hardal

Location Istanbul

Written Manifesto:

“Among the symbols used in mathematics, four process symbols are among the most used symbols that you have to learn from the moment you start your teaching life. These symbols allow you to easily show your insertion, reduction, duplication and shredding operations.

Although the plus and minus sign has been used too much by mathematicians, it was first used by Francis Vieta (1540-1603) professionally and was scientifically recorded. The division process was started to be used in Europe by Francis Vieta (1540-1603) and started to take its place in scientific books. In addition, the Mathematics Committee has removed the “:” sign and the “/” sign to prevent various uses, and accepted the division sign in the form of a line between the two points that are their combinations. The multiplication sign has been used in scientific literature by William Oughtred (1574-1660). However, in terms of confusion with the letter x in English, by Leibniz (1646-1715). started to be used. This has been a step towards preventing confusion in minds. Today, these two symbols are also used.

We thought we would combine the foundation of mathematics science and the number 4 with this way. All signs are used together with the number 4. Each of the forms is produced from rectangular shapes and combined.”