Number 0

Designer David Rindlisbacher 

Location Lisbon

Written Manifesto:

“There is a small town in central Portugal that is flanked by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the continent to the east, and intersected by a lagoon that runs parallel to rows of colorful striped houses where fishermen and sailors used to live.

It is my father’s home town. His father was one of those sailors and would spend weeks away at sea, having to leave his family behind in the mainland, while they awaited his return. This circumstance is one that has been deeply engraved in the collective Portuguese ethos for over 6 centuries when for better or worse, the sailors first set out to discover the unknown. It was through these journeys that Portugal became the first global empire and that has shaped a unique collection of cultural styles and themes, many of which marked by the sea and symbols of maritime exploration. These symbols are omniscient in Portuguese art, music, and architecture.

This background has also been the inspiration for this project- I aimed to allude to this by designing a character made up of high-contrast fluid lines with ornamental water drop-like features. To illustrate the Portuguese journey around the globe, I opted to add a line inside the oval contours of my assigned number, making it a slashed zero.”