Number 8

Designer Colin Doerffler

Location London

Written Manifesto:

A number as an idea

Even though numbers are often generously surrounded by letters, words and sentences, they keep their distance and deviate slightly. Numbers often seem to be lonely islands in our daily communication. In contrast to letters, we don’t essentially read them as part of a group, we see them as carrier of its own information. This perception roots in the fundamental difference between letters and numbers. Numbers are symbols which are representing a particular quantity and on the contrary letters are segmental symbols of a phonemic writing system of a certain spoken language.

Let’s have a look at this from another perspective and interrupt the tautology of form and function of numbers. Let’s see them as a pure form instead of a visual representation of something. The form of letters and numbers which finds expression through writing, constructing or designing, often repeats itself by using common materials in order to sustain the rules of legibility. My visual exploration of the number “8” finds its expression through the experience of a hand, a pen and the paper. It is a fragment that looses the memory of its origin? what remains is just an idea of a number.”