Number 8

Designer Arthur Schwarz

Location Switzerland

Written Manifesto:

“Typography is usually used on a flat surface in a 2D universe. Letters are lying flat and can exist almost without any constraints. Thus, letters can have pretty much any shapes. When it comes to a 3D environment, It has to be different. Letters need to stand on their own and a few letters have round shapes at their bottom, like “C”, “G”, “J”, “O”, “Q”, “S”, “U”, which means they can’t stand up. This leads to my design of a number “9” and following the logic explained earlier, it can’t stand on its own because of its round shape at its bottom. And I have not made any modifications to my design to do so. I want it to be able to play around with its environment. Possibilities to set it physically in an exhibition are endless. My design is quite simple but it is the result and the proof of this difference between a 2D and a 3D world.”