Number 5

Designer Alan Madic

Location Lyon

Written Manifesto:

“The design of this glyph draws its inspiration directly from the city of Lyon (France), where I am currently studying. The main inspiration comes more precisely from the atmosphere and the architectural landscapes of the old quarter of the city, commonly known as “Vieux Lyon”. This district is a unique set of Gothic and Renaissance architecture mainly urbanized in the 15th and 16th centuries. The district also has traces of previous eras. Thus, it appears in the district examples of all architectural styles appeared from the Carolingian era to the end of the 18th century.

I aim to recontextualize this architectural environment within the very design of my glyph. A study of the calligraphic works specific to each of these artistic trends made it possible to orient the singularity of the drawing of this number five. The design of this glyph reinterprets a mixture of influences and traditional forms in a contemporary and abstract form. Its shape challenges the way in which this figure can be represented while enhancing the expressiveness of a fluid and dynamic writing.”